T.J. Gang began performing at a very young age.
He started playing the drums around age of six and improved to the point that he began formal lessons around age ten, and within a couple years, was sitting in with his Dad, Tim Gang, and other adult musicians.
It was around this time, he showed interest in the guitar, and before long was playing with friends from school.
He put together his first band "Naked Carwash" and won the school talent show.
Playing drums in the marching band and guitar in the jazz band at school, he still found time to play lead guitar in "Corporation T-Shirt" and sit in with other local bands and occasionally joining his Dad onstage.
By the summer of 2009 he was playing onstage with his Dad more often, adding a whole new dimension to the music, all the while gaining a very strong fan support.
It was then he was asked to join Tim as a duo playing lead guitar.
T.J. is an accomplished recording engineer and is currently producing, directing and co-writing music for the new Tim & T.J. Gang album.
            T.J. Gang